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Posted Jun 10, 19 18:59 by John Barwis (jbarwis)

New York - Aspinwall

Many thanks to Bob Watson for these data!

Those interested can find the Panama - Wellington - Sydney - Melbourne legs listed in Colin Tabeart's ANZUK Mails to !880, Vol. 1.

Posted Jun 10, 19 18:50 by Richard Malmgren (rcmstamps)

New York Registry Markings

I have multiple registered covers from Hawaii transiting the US with assorted backstamps.

One is a dated New York Registry Division marking. Another is a large 'S' with a month, day and year date within the loops of the 'S'. The 'S' dates are typically (?) 1 day prior to the date of the New York Registry Division marking, thus my supposition that the 'S' backstamp relates to New York.

Presumably one is an incoming and the other an outgoing New York marking. Can anyone enlighten me as to the specific purpose of the 'S'? Does the 'S' itself stand for something?

Posted Jun 10, 19 15:15 by Richard Frajola (frajola)

PMSS Sailings NYC to Aspinwall, 1866 to 1869

Bob Watson has compiled a listing of sailings from New York to Aspinwall that connected to sailings bound for New Zealand, 1866 to 1869. I have uploaded a pdf file here. I have added the link to the articles tab.

Thank you Bob!

Posted Jun 9, 19 22:20 by Gordon Eubanks (gordon)

Ashbrook diagrams of 1847 plate positions

There is an interesting article in Chronicle 174, May 1997, by Jerome Wagshal that discusses the development of plating illustrations.

Posted Jun 9, 19 21:07 by Leonard Hartmann (hartmann)

Plating Drawings

These drawings, ie drawings, for the 1847, 1851, etc.
are mostly from maked up master images and not a specific
item, there was no need to show all plating marks, only the major
ones creating a variety

They are not from images of a specific stamp or position.


Posted Jun 9, 19 20:03 by steven frumkin (sfrumkin)

Double Transfer

Might there be illustrations of some comparison examples archived on the Siegel website?

Posted Jun 9, 19 18:36 by Chip Gliedman (cgliedman)

Double Transfer B - PS

The drawing in Brookman is lifted from an Ashbrook article in Vol. 1, Issue 1 of the Stamp Specialist (page 50). The contrast is better in my copy of the SS than in my copy of Brookman. I don't see any plating marks noted on the top right "S." The only things noted on that letter are at the bottom of the two coves of the S.

However, as you say, the top line seems to be raised up, but the bottom left seems to be moved left - maybe a triple transfer? Something to write up, perhaps.


Posted Jun 9, 19 18:28 by Chip Gliedman (cgliedman)

Double Transfer B

Bernard: My entire knowledge of the 1847 issue is on display in my last few posts.

There appear to be a few differences between the stamp I have and the diagram, but this may have to do with some of the marks wearing down over time or disappearing after the "cleaning."

I also note that the bottom right of my stamp appears a bit weak. Don't know if that's wear or an inking issue.

Also, I can't put a year date on my cover, as it's just the outer sheet with no contents or docketing. Sorry 'bout that. We're trying to see if Leonard H. knows a date for a shift from blue to black ink at Louisville. That might help date the cover.

Gordon E. might be able to weigh in with some other details. He also has a copy of this position. Plating and double transfers was never my strong suit, so I'd just be speculating if I tried to make a hypothesis.


Posted Jun 9, 19 17:57 by Bernard Biales (bernard b)

Double Transfer B

Chip, looking at the plating drawing and back at the stamp, I did not realize how extensive the DT was.  However, Brookman shows vertically raised doubling of the top bar of the right "5" .  This would make it a triple transfer, as the other extraneous intaglio is down and left.
But looking at your stamp, I see no sign of that triple.  Is the diagram wrong on this important detail?

Posted Jun 9, 19 16:19 by Gordon Eubanks (gordon)


Also congrats to Mark Schwartz for his Grand in the SF and his reserve grand.

Posted Jun 9, 19 16:08 by Richard Matta (rkmatta)


I live 10 minutes from the venue, yet for the 2nd year in a row I’m on the west coast this weekend...

Posted Jun 9, 19 15:04 by Richard Frajola (frajola)

NAPEX 2019

Congratulations to Dan Knowles for his "Grand Award" this weekend at Napex. It is an exceptionally interesting exhibit in highest quality.

Exhibit title: "The Development of the Confederate States Postal Service from Secession to Appomattox"

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