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Posted May 16, 17 13:30 by joe kirker (centuryc3)

May 15


You are absolutely correct. I have never seen an example with two different city airmail CDS handstamps. I suppose, in theory, it could happen that a postal item could somehow be transferred off an incoming flight from either New York or Washington at Philadelphia which should have been flown on to NY or DC by the address given. That's a far stretch with closed mail bags and all, but maybe the item was placed in the incorrect mail bag to begin with.

If, and that is a BIG IF, then noticed in Philly, the PO could apply another cancel and send out with the next flight (no added postage cost). Probably NEVER happened, but can't rule out the remote chance. Actually, an added Philly cancel would make a great philatelic item, although a handstamped "admission of error" by the PO would substantiate the delay to the recipient.

Anyway---I'm not aware of any flown mail with such markings and won't spend much effort in looking for any.

Your beautiful May 16 cover to Tennessee is ex-Philip Silver Sale, as you probably are aware. (John Fox, November, 1985) It was acquired by Shelley Friedman and later sold in a Siegel Sale after his passing.

My records indicate it is the only example of May 15-16 flown covers with the May 16-9 AM slugs to Philadelphia. Great Item!!

Posted May 16, 17 13:16 by Ken Lawrence (kenlawrence)

Coming up in Richmond

APS on-the-road one-day course at Richmond, Wednesday, August 2 (the day before APS StampShow opens): Postal History of World War II in the Pacific Ocean from the American Perspective. Enroll now, details here.

Posted May 16, 17 13:13 by Ken Lawrence (kenlawrence)

Bill R,

Your cover ought to have evidence of special delivery, including a datestamp.

Posted May 16, 17 12:48 by William Robinson (3wbrob)

May 15 flight covers

Ken, Bernard, Joe, Scott -
Appreciate the details of the flight(s) but would like to know:
Why no backstamps or markings of any kind on the reverse of my May 15 cover from New York to Milwaukee? Was that standard for the handling of the mail on various legs?

Posted May 16, 17 10:04 by Mark Schwartz (schwamoo)

Pipex - Single Frame

Also at Pipex, Lou Pataki won the Single Frame Grand for his excellent exhibit "Along the Shantung Railway..." A very deserved win and about time.

Posted May 16, 17 9:23 by Rob Faux (robfaux)

Razor cancel exhibit

Well done Roger!  Very happy for you.

Posted May 16, 17 8:03 by Scott Trepel (strepel)

May 15

I have never seen (and I think Joe Kirker will confirm) a cover with the airmail duplex datestamps of more than one city; for example, New York and Philadelphia.

There would be no good reason for it, unless a cover was sent from NY to Philly, then forwarded by airmail from Philly to Washington.

This observation applies not only to the May 15-16 First Trip covers, but also to the subsequent flight covers.

Since May 16 is technically a First Trip day (from Washington, after Lt. Boyle's crash on May 15), here is an image to celebrate the anniversary. May 16 9AM cover that was added to the May 15 mail and flown to Philly, then sent by train to Tennessee.


Posted May 16, 17 5:24 by Ken Lawrence (kenlawrence)

Otto Praeger

I read "round trip" to mean one trip in each direction per day except Sundays: New York - Philadelphia - Washington and Washington - Philadelphia- New York.

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