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Posted Dec 8, 17 8:53 by David Snow (dwsnow)

NY City Delivery


Here is another example of a New York City Delivery postmark (1876) on a postal card, with a six pointed star cancel, although it appears to be a smaller diameter (24mm)  than yours, plus has a "D" in it, I guess for station D. Cover ID 24595


Posted Dec 8, 17 1:25 by Steven Chiknas (chiknas1)

NY City Delivery

Need a little help deciphering this 1873 postcard with a NY City Delivery postmark, i.e. can anyone identify the killer? Any idea as to the other indistinct inverted cancel with the fancy killer to the left of the face? Why two different killers (the sender was the New York Athletic Club, so the card stayed in the city)? Was it sent through two different POs, perhaps?



Posted Dec 6, 17 23:30 by Cary Johnson (fastmail)

Egypt card

Thanks Michael!

Subtle but certainly a possible testimonial message on the postal card worthy of reproduction for advertising by the distributor. "Mother" certainly must have needed the Allouez Mineral Water to have taken a supply on the trip to Egypt. :-)

Posted Dec 6, 17 16:58 by Richard Frajola (frajola)

Sherman House

I thought I remembered another cover from that "Alcatraz" correspondence.


Posted Dec 6, 17 16:09 by Nick Kirke (nick kirke)

PF`s new premises

The premises sound brilliant! I look forward to visiting on my next trip to NYC. Having ceased collecting stamps my submissions have fallen drastically (as have the number of philatelic dealer friends). Just the occasional cover and it doesn`t have to grade 98J and small faults do not keep me awake at night. Even so, wonderful memories of friendly visits and good hearted banter. Is there now coffee for thirsty visitors? Previously, there was not even a coffee machine. Maybe fears of stains on mint $5 Columbians or wild immoderate caffine influenced opinions.

Posted Dec 6, 17 16:08 by Ken Lawrence (kenlawrence)


I have never heard of an academic library or archive that doesn't keep a list of researchers. Ask the NYPL for their list.

Added: Or try again by asking for their list of genealogical researchers.

Posted Dec 6, 17 14:52 by Richard Frajola (frajola)

A Boo to Columbia University

Today I made a very polite request to The Burke Library at Union Theological Seminary, Columbia University Libraries in New Yok City for the name(s) of an approved "reader" who could assist me, for pay, to review a specific 50 page manuscript they have to see if it has any mention of postal affairs.

They said no they couldn't provide any names .... that is a first for me. In the past every institution, museum or similar that I have contacted with a similar request has been more than happy to assist.

Boo to Columbia University!

Posted Dec 6, 17 12:34 by Michael Schreiber (michaelschreiber)

Egypt photographic card -- Allouez Mineral Water

It appears to be an advertising trade card for Allouez Mineral Water and its kin Allouez Sparkling Water.

Posted Dec 6, 17 10:20 by Cary Johnson (fastmail)

Egypt postal card

Front of card


Posted Dec 6, 17 10:19 by Cary Johnson (fastmail)

Egypt postal card photograph duplicate

I found this Feb 14, 1908 card in the Pratt family album with others of the same vintage and wondered how it came about. Seems to be a perfect photograph of the card front and back printed on cardstock similar to a normal postcard. I will show the front in another post.

Was this duplication connected to the post office in Egypt or?


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