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Posted Sep 21, 17 14:07 by Richard Drews (bear427)

Perf Gauges

Some 20 years ago I bought the remaining supply of Kiusalis gauges. I quickly sold out of the few hundred U. S. gauges. I never got around to marketing the box of Canadian gauges. I bumped into them a couple of years ago. If somone wants a large quantity I could probably locate them.


Posted Sep 21, 17 13:32 by Gregory Shoults (coilcollector)


Ken, thank you for the suggestions. I will look for a full pane of 100 with numbers on the two sides. I would really like to find an example of 410 or 411 that has been miscut to show the partial plate number on the vertical edge.

Posted Sep 21, 17 13:30 by Ken Lawrence (kenlawrence)


The GPS BSG gauge is longer than Instanta, much longer than the Instanta scale. Besides the shorter length, Instanta plastic suffers from cold flow (the scale shrinks).

Posted Sep 21, 17 12:54 by Glenn Archer (archerg)

Perforation gauge

Thanks for posting that image - it is similar. Has the Kiusalas perf measurements as well on the gauge, is quite thin and flexible clear plastic, and is physically longer than the Instantas. My old Instanta is so scratched after 40 years of use that I prefer not to use it.

I could cite many examples where a difference of 0.2 perfs is significant. We held our monthly expertizing meeting yesterday and had a debate about a submission. The stamp in question was submitted as a #13 (perforated 6d, perfs close to 11 3/4 all sides though I find it will vary a bit). I suspected it originally a #5 with perforations added long ago to appear as a #13, then was reperforated a second time at left. My measurements of 11.9 - 12.1 all four sides (and all four sides were different!) convince me I am right - but a colleague measured 11.75 all around, which gave us cause to seek an electronic perf measurement as an independent opinion.

There are a number of sources of error associated with manual perf measurement - alignment of the gauge, parallax, the perf holes themselves must be considered as the pins were not always straight - but if we had a standard gauge we could be more precise, and perhaps achieve agreement within say 0.2 perfs per 2 cm.

Posted Sep 21, 17 12:09 by Ken Lawrence (kenlawrence)


David H,

Yes, if you read Julian Goldberg's articles on Canadian and United States perforations you'll see that accurate measurements to the tenth and hundredth gauge do make a difference to specialists. They also make a difference in authenticating scarce and rare perforation varieties.

Posted Sep 21, 17 12:06 by Ken Lawrence (kenlawrence)

GPS perforation gauge

The gauge you probably mean was published by the Buildings Study Group of the Germany Philatelic Society on dimensionally stable lithographic film back in the 1980s. At the time I was a member of the Bureau Issues Association committee that hoped to manufacture a gauge that would replace the United States Expert Gauge published by Richard Kiusalas in the 1960s. When the GPS BSG published its gauge (the local club at Eastman Kodak Company actually created it), the BIA adopted it, as committee chair Bob Kitson reported in the United States Specialist. The first edition of the gauge sold out. I bought all the remainders of the second edition, which I included among the materials provided to students who enrolled in my seminars on philatelic expertizing. In 2012 I found a handful in my file that I sold two for $150 (no one wants just one; the scale is printed on the side that you place on the stamp to eliminate parallax, but that means they can easily be scratched).

Note: The scan makes it appear that the diverging lines are stepped. They are actually straight.


Posted Sep 21, 17 11:56 by Richard Frajola (frajola)

PDR 2017 Update

I would like to welcome Eric Glohr who contributed the newest single frame exhibit to PDR. Thank You!

1847-1848: A Transitional Period for Michigan's Capital City

Posted Sep 21, 17 11:38 by David Handelman (davidh)


Can you give an example wherein a few percent tolerance would make a difference in the expertization? For example, if a large queen has a perforation between 11.9 and 12.1, would a more accurate measurement really make a difference?

Since the paper itself changes in size with age (depending on how it is stored, or whether on cover), and in addition, perforation measurements can be changed (slightly) by soaking and then drying, it seems pointless to require precision in measurement.

Posted Sep 21, 17 11:28 by Glenn Archer (archerg)

Wanted - Small Supply of "Protector" Perf Gauges

Hello All.

To briefly introduce myself I am a modest collector of early Canada stamps. I also sit on the Expert Committee for the VGG Philatelic Research Foundation. I send this request on my own behalf and not as a spokesperson for the Committee.

I am searching for a small supply of one to fifteen of the above gauge. I believe it is printed on thin dimensionally stable Mylar sheet and it is the most accurate gauge I have been able to evaluate. Our committee chair keeps one. I additionally find it useful for flushing out reperf jobs, which unfortunately we see a lot of these days.

Our standard gauge for BNA material is the old yellow "Instanta" gauge. The majority of classic research and cataloguing was done with it. The problem today is that we see differences between gauges, most are 40+ years old and have distorted, cupped and/or shrunk a few percent. I will get a measurement with my scratchy old gauge, and my colleague across the table will get a different reading with his gauge. I personally do not like electronic perf gauges as a standard; in summary, two-point analysis gives you a number but not accuracy.

Am hopeful my fishing expedition bears fruit, thanks in advance for your time and attention.

Posted Sep 21, 17 6:23 by Ken Lawrence (kenlawrence)


I recommend you show a normal sheet pane with plate numbers on the outer two sides. Then, in your description of the coil waste panes that don't have the "COIL STAMPS" marginal inscriptions, you ought to write "side plate number only."

This might be the least understood aspect. Bill Weiss used to describe horizontal margin strips of 1¢ and 2¢ Washington stamps that lacked plate numbers as errors, never understanding that they were actually coil waste stamps despite being repeatedly told.

Posted Sep 20, 17 22:13 by Gregory Shoults (coilcollector)

COIL STAMPS Single Frame

This is a dry run at putting together this exhibit. It has not been shown in competition, but I am planning on showing it at the winter APS show in Birmingham, Alabama. Collectors are familiar with the COIL STAMPS plate blocks which are readily available. The exhibit focuses on why the special plates were made, the coil stamps produced from them, and the flat plate coil waste made by the Bureau to try and save money. Comments or suggestions are welcome.

Posted Sep 20, 17 19:25 by Drew Nicholson (pawlinghistory)

Berlin Rohrpost

Interested in either purchasing or receiving scan of mail designated as Royal Matter (K.A. or Koenigliche Angelegenheit, either printed or handwritten). Thanks in advance.

Posted Sep 20, 17 19:17 by Drew Nicholson (pawlinghistory)


Looking to purchase or borrow the following: The Berlin Rohrpost by Neil Smart (Germany & Colonies Philatelic Society, 2003).

You may contact me either on or off the Board.

Posted Sep 20, 17 18:03 by Roger Heath (decoppet)

Paper and electronic journals

The American Helvetia Philatelic Society and the Helvetia Philatelic Society-UK have reached an agreement that each society will be sent, via email, each other's journals starting in January 2018. The AHPS publishes five times per year, and the HPS-UK publishes bi-monthly.

This will be an added benefit of being a member of either society at no increase in dues. Members of each society presently receive a paper copy of their respective journals with an optional electronic copy, if requested. Now they will also receive an electronic copy of their "sister" trans-Atlantic society.

It was determined that so few members belonged to their "sister" organization that loss in dues was not a concern. The benefits were determined to offset any financial loss. Each society secretary will be responsible for maintaining its own email list with the journal being sent to the secretary on publication for distribution.

Those of you who belong to AHPS should see their first copy delivered after the beginning of the New Year.

As a side note - five members of the AHPS will be exhibiting at NABA 2018 in Lugano next year. This Level 1 exhibition comes around every 6 years, so we are privileged to have had this many exhibits accepted to be viewed by judges and collectors in Switzerland. Fun will be had by all.


Posted Sep 20, 17 17:15 by David Crotty (davidcrotty)

Print / Digital

I must say I am in favor of digital delivery (by email) for society journals. (not to mention on demand book printing) The Meter Stamp Soc provides a choice of paper via USPS or web delivery by emailed pdf. Of this small group the majority now get digital and our last financial report was good. In retrospect, the WU30 has mabye a few more members but has never approved digital. We had a near death experience at StampShow when we reallized the dues were not being collected. I messaged the entire membership who very gratiously paid past dues. However, despite the influx of cash our small group will still be a bit thin on funds dispite very frugal spending. We are likely to offer email delivery very soon, maybe like the MSS a choice of one or the other.
Stay tuned.

Posted Sep 20, 17 16:59 by David Crotty (davidcrotty)

Digitised documents

Actually the scanner that Gary and I tried to use did not work while we were at the MHL in DC. While we were there the librarian reallized that those roles of microfilm had already been "digitized" into pdf format.  That was cool except lots of it was unreadable once we got it home. Also didn't find much useful for the stuff that was readable that I  could find.

Posted Sep 20, 17 15:10 by Larry Bustillo (suburban)


I am looking for John Kaufmann auction catalogs of Name or One Owner Sales of CSA material.

Anybody ???

Contact me off board.

Posted Sep 20, 17 15:03 by Richard Frajola (frajola)

PDR 2017 Update

I just put up a fourth exhibit from Gregory Shoults
(not for competition) "Coil Stamps" Issues of 1912 to 1914

Posted Sep 20, 17 10:09 by Bernard Biales (bernard b)


This may or may not be relevant to the cover to Sweden, but maybe I will see if it can help me the next time I am confronted with 19th century German writing.
Farley, I see your point about the s.

Posted Sep 19, 17 21:44 by Bill Weismann (billw2)

Sweden cover

Farley and Steven,

That's got to be it.  I must have spent close to two hours googling and hunting for anything related to what name I thought it might be for this cover.

I really appreciate the help, I owe you guys!


Posted Sep 19, 17 21:37 by Bill Weismann (billw2)

NOJEX Palmares List

Ladies and Gentlemen.

For the time being I have the list of Palmares on the NOJEX Facebook page:
You do not need a Facebook account to view it.  We will have the list on the website shortly. 

I am happy to E-Mail a list in a Word document format to anyone who would prefer that, just let me know and I will get it right off to you.

To everyone who exhibited I know I must certainly speak for everyone when I say thank you very much for your support.  We had 242 frames of exhibits and absolutely incredible material on display.  It was also an honor and a real treat to speak with many of the exhibitors about their collections, for that I am also thankful.


Posted Sep 19, 17 19:58 by steven frumkin (sfrumkin)

Inward Cover to Sweden

UPU 1951 'Dictionnaire des Bureaux des Postes' lists Gullskag but not Gullskog. Cannot determine if these different names for the same place, but it would explain the lower-case 'a' rather than 'o'.

Posted Sep 19, 17 19:10 by Farley Katz (navalon)

Gullskog not Gullskag


This website listing innumerable towns in Sweden records a town named Gullskog in the Vastra Gotaland region. The "o" looks like an "a" but so does the "o" in adolf.

Posted Sep 19, 17 18:46 by Bill Weismann (billw2)

Covers to Sweden and Russia


Thank you!  The question (And I guess I should have also specified this) was that I tried what I assumed was the town name on the Swedish cover as Gullsbag, closest name I could find to that from googling and searching was Gullspang which I am not convinced it is.


Posted Sep 19, 17 18:31 by Bill Weismann (billw2)

NOJEX Palmares

I'll get the list and see if I can get them online shortly.


Posted Sep 19, 17 18:29 by Phil Rhoade (rugface)


Just out of curiosity, I've been tracking the medals awarded (multi-frame only) this year (2017) to see the distribution of medals with the move to 8 medal levels.

Most shows have been quite prompt in posting the palmares. Most have been posted online within a few days of the show. I've only had to request assistance a couple of times. APS has also been fairly good in posting results on the WSP shows webpage.

My thanks to Fran Adams for emailing me the NOJEX palmares shortly after my posting here.

Posted Sep 19, 17 17:57 by John Barwis (jbarwis)


Alas, most APS affiliate societies are pretty lax about posting show results.

Posted Sep 19, 17 17:22 by Phil Rhoade (rugface)

NOJEX Palmares

Is the palmares for NOJEX 2017 posted online? I can't find it. It's not on the NOJEX website nor on the APS WSP posting for NOJEX. Googling comes up empty, too. Thanks.

Posted Sep 19, 17 14:45 by Larry Bustillo (suburban)


Looking for Spain #69a, Inverted Frame. On or off cover.

Long shot on the board but you never know.

Posted Sep 19, 17 13:14 by joe kirker (centuryc3)


Thanks, David---Checking it out. Joe

Posted Sep 19, 17 12:15 by David Kent (davekent)


The Military Postal History Society has published a 421-page book "We Build - We Fight: Locations and Assignments of United States Naval Construction Units 1941-2005" by Norm Gruenzner. As the title implies, it is primarily a chronology of where and when the units were deployed, and has little postal history other than dates when postal Branch Numbers (when used) were assigned and closed. The book reports that the 133rd was assigned to Da Nang in 1967, Phu Bai in 1968, and Camp Wilkerson near Hue in 1969. By late 1969 the battalion also had detachments on Guam, the Azores and the Aleutians. The 133rd was assigned postal branch number 17079 when it was reactivated in 1966. No mention of when this number was discontinued, but it probably lasted until 1980 when all Naval postal branch numbers were dropped.

Posted Sep 19, 17 11:32 by joe kirker (centuryc3)


David---Very familiar with the Seabee Museum----outstanding website and so much data. Looking for anything related to postal history---primarily of the 133rd Battalion---I have some original material from the Viet Nam era for them, even including the (un-reported!! back to the US press) mortaring of the Hospital. (So much for the Geneva Convention!!) Joe

Posted Sep 19, 17 10:31 by David D'Alessandris (davidd)


Joe - have you tried the Seabee Museum in Port Hueneme, California?  The staff seemed very helpful when I was there.  I doubt they would know of philatelic information, but can probably direct you to information on locations, deployments, etc.

Posted Sep 19, 17 10:16 by joe kirker (centuryc3)

US Naval Seabees

Anyone out there have any philatelic articles (not just aviation or aero-philately) covering the US Naval Seabees from WW2 to and including Viet Nam era. Especially seeking info dealing with the 133rd. I have some first hand data, etc., but seek anything else possibly available---beyond Google leads.

Thanks in advance. Joe

Posted Sep 19, 17 10:10 by Richard Frajola (frajola)

PDR 2017 Update

I just uploaded a nice "survey" exhibit from David Snow. Thank you!

Austria and Lombardy Venetia 1850 First Issue

Posted Sep 19, 17 2:20 by steven frumkin (sfrumkin)

Russia Inward Cover

Transiting Kiev, then about 60 miles west to Zhytomyr (Zitomir), then 25 miles north to Fasova.

Posted Sep 19, 17 0:59 by Farley Katz (navalon)



Based on 5 minutes "research" I can definitively say --

(1) The king's name was Gustav Adolf or Gustaf Adolf (2) Adolfo sounds too Italian (3) No self-respecting Swede would or could ever misspell the king's name as anything but Adolf (4) The letter after "adolf" is the same letter as in RingquiSt or GullSkag -- an "S."

Having solved this one, I am now going to sleep. ;-)

Posted Sep 19, 17 0:19 by Bernard Biales (bernard b)


   The kafe is too deep for me, but I nowthink the first part is spelled Gustaf Adalfo (or Adolfo).  (Later).  I have looked through 1902 Century Atlas and 1855 Appleton's Gazateer for Fasovka and Facovka and Gu.. and come up dry. 

Posted Sep 19, 17 0:12 by Farley Katz (navalon)



How about this -

The town is Gullskag as you note, but the final line is some thing like

Gustaf adolfs kafe no. 11

Maybe these cafes were on every corner like Starbucks.  ;-)

Posted Sep 18, 17 23:59 by Bernard Biales (bernard b)


The closest fit for Castle is Kastell, so that probably won't fly.  And it looks like maybe Adalfo instead of Adolfo.  I suppose Fasovka coould be today's Fasova, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Posted Sep 18, 17 23:57 by Bill Weismann (billw2)


Thanks.  I should have clarified, I am trying to dtermine the destinations of the covers.

I did manage to figure out a weird one to Africa tonight that was a real puzzle, but these have me stumped.

Posted Sep 18, 17 23:54 by Bernard Biales (bernard b)

Sweden cover

Gullskag.  Gustafo Aldolfo (Kafiult???? -- maybe a street designator.  what is the word for castle in Svenska?)   At least that is my read.  Unfortunately, they taught us printed fraktur in German, but not written.
Not clear to me what you are seeking on the Ukraine cover.

Posted Sep 18, 17 23:30 by Bill Weismann (billw2)

Swedish cover help

And another one...

Sounds silly but I cannot make heads nor tails of this one to Sweden.  There are no Swedish transit markings on the back to help either.

I suspected Gothenburg but I don;t think that's it.

Any help greatly appreciated.



Posted Sep 18, 17 23:28 by Bill Weismann (billw2)

Russian Cover help

So I have been going through the out of control pile of late 19th/turn of the 20th century covers that I have been amassing and have started loading them into the census.  I have found a couple that I cannot make heads nor tails of.

This is one of them, to Russia.  On the back there is a transit from Kiev but also a later one dated "4 CEH" from "ФACOBKA"

I have attached a scan of the front of the cover, any help greatly appreciated.



Posted Sep 18, 17 22:00 by Glenn Estus (gestus)

Woodstock markings

I just did a text search of the last 60 years of the Vermont Philatelist. I didn't find any mention of such markings from Woodstock. BTW, the originating post office was Taftsville, just a few miles from Woodstock.

Posted Sep 18, 17 21:46 by Roland Cipolla (roncipolla)

Woodstock VT -

I cannot find anything on these markings.......... can anyone help?

All in red

"Not Called For"

"Advertised" in oval

"AUG 12" on verso.


Posted Sep 18, 17 16:38 by William T. Crowe (wtcrowe)

Baltimore PMP

The 5¢ stamps were positions 1 to 6, 8, 10, and 12. Here is the sheetlet for the 5¢ stampl


Posted Sep 18, 17 16:35 by William T. Crowe (wtcrowe)

Buchanan PMP

I am a little late to this party, but the stamp is a fake or replica. Just as the CSA frame line stamp, it must show frame lines extending beyond the boxed frame lines. There was a sheetlet made in the 20th Century as a souvenir with the single stamp format. The correct plate layout was 2 x 6 and the 10¢ stamps were positions 7, 9, and 11 and should show a frame line extension at the left unless cut to shape.


Posted Sep 18, 17 16:18 by Dave Savadge (nomad55)

1935 San Diego expo - Part 3

Four more Gunthorp cachets. On the lower right cover are the small initials MG.


Posted Sep 18, 17 16:06 by Dave Savadge (nomad55)

1935 San Diego expo - Part 2

I have always suspected that Horace's wife, Maude Gunthorp, actually designed the picture cachets. Just acquired this book, published 1946, which proves my theory.


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