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Posted Mar 26, 19 6:00 by David Snow (dwsnow)

Wells, Fargo & Co. Express Steamboat


The cover you show is altered - it has a fake marking on it. The ink color is wrong, and the lettering is not right. Here is a genuine example of that marking from my collection. The marking is usually struck in blue, and used within California.

Also, the endorsement on your cover at lower left "Politeness of Mr. Hamilton Beasly(?)" indicates that it was privately carried, not handled by Wells, Fargo or the post office. Here is another example of a privately carried letter - see Cover ID 26682.


Posted Mar 26, 19 1:59 by Ravi Vora (nusivar)

Wells Fargo & Co. Express STEAMBOAT

I am sharing a scan of this addressed cover with above referenced marking. I wonder if fellow members can help answer following questions:

1) Where did Wells Fargo provide STEAMBOAT service? 2) What was postage or fee charged for this service? 3) Since there are no postal marking, was this cover handled outside of US postal service? 4) Approx what time period was it used and whether the destination is in Polk County in Texas?

Many thanks.



Posted Mar 26, 19 0:51 by Max Lynds (aroostook)

New Brunswick #11 cover

Reverse of New Brunswick cover


Posted Mar 26, 19 0:50 by Max Lynds (aroostook)

New Brunswick #11 cover

I recently bought this cover in a lot that came from an exhibit of New Brunswick decimal stamps. It was bought by a friend of mine in 2012 from the Wilkinson sale held by Bennett with a cert from the Greene Foundation.The cover was included in the lot I bought described as a fake , likely the work of faker DeThuin. I sent a scan of the cover to Ken Pugh who has done extensive studies of the fakes and said this cover was not the work of DeThuin. The address appears to valid. The college opened 1795 and I have a newspaper article showing a Prof Vernell at the college in 1866. Where would be the best place to send for expertizing? The Royal in London or the PF? Any difference?


Posted Mar 26, 19 0:26 by Ken Lawrence (kenlawrence)

Percy McGraw Mann (1882-1927)

This obit is from the November 19, 1927, Stamp Collector's Fortnightly.


Posted Mar 25, 19 20:01 by joe kirker (centuryc3)

Percy Mann

Mann photo much appreciated---thenks, KL

Unusual registered second day of the new airmail service---posted by Percy Mann


Posted Mar 25, 19 17:10 by Ken Lawrence (kenlawrence)

For Joe Kirker

Percy McGraw Mann


Posted Mar 25, 19 17:07 by Bernard Biales (bernard b)

Late issuance of issues

The five cent 1867 contract stamps continued to be issued to POs for a time during the 1869s -- their was no 5 cent 1869.  The five cent international rate had not been created yet.

Posted Mar 25, 19 16:29 by joe kirker (centuryc3)

The Airpost Journal-----April, 2019

Congratulations are in hand to John Wilson for his current excellent article in the Airpost Journal entitled, "Airmail Rates from Brazil to North America and Europe, 1934-1945."

Not my specific airmail field of interest, but John's study certainly sets the "BAR" for research in that area. Great Reading for any philatelic student!! Joe

Posted Mar 25, 19 16:17 by Larry Bustillo (suburban)

Prexie Usage

Received in todays mail. Many dealers and collectors still consider this issue postage.


Posted Mar 24, 19 23:56 by A. Lavar Taylor (lavart1)

Modern Hong Kong Postal History

Below is a cover I acquired some time ago.  It was sent from Hong Kong in the latter part of 1983 to Truk, East Caroline Isands, via second class airmail.  My understanding is that second class airmail did not carry with it forwarding rights via airmail without paying additional postage.  The recipient had left for Germany, so additional US postage (two 15c Whitney Moore Young stamps and a 10c definitive) was added to pay the first class airmail rate for forwarding to Germany in December of 1983.  There is a faint San Francisco transit marking on the reverse.


Posted Mar 24, 19 23:01 by Ken Lawrence (kenlawrence)

M-bag tag wanted

If anyone has an exhibitable M-bag tag franked with postage stamps, not metered postage, to swap or for sale, please notify me.

Posted Mar 24, 19 22:49 by Ken Lawrence (kenlawrence)

11c Prexie

Here's a 1962 single use.


Posted Mar 24, 19 21:34 by David Kent (davekent)

Prexie Remainders and Beyond

Grandpa was a stamp collector whose job kept him on the road a lot in the Southeast. One day in the mid-1950s he stopped at the post office in a small town in the Carolina mountains and asked the clerk if she had a plate block of the 17-cent Prexie. "It's red and has a picture of Andrew Johnson," he said. She replied, "The only 17-cent stamp I have is this black one with a picture of Woodrow Wilson." Grandpa bought all she had, maybe ten or so stamps, unfortunately no plate block. I still have them.

Posted Mar 24, 19 21:14 by Michael Schreiber (michaelschreiber)

Presidential series 15-cent, 20-cent, 25-cent stamps

I remember buying plate blocks of these Prexie stamps in the early 1960s at a substation in suburban Cleveland (southwest side).

The station had a friendly clerk who catered to collectors. He separated them for me from full panes of 100.

Posted Mar 24, 19 20:48 by Russ Ryle (hoosierboy)

re: NYC Examiner Marks on Registered Mail

Afternoon Ray and all,

I would also like to se Wayne Schuetz's exhibit if it is available digitally. I have been studying these and the other NYC registration markings for over ten years but am yet to come to the point where I think I know their whole story. Be glad to chat and share info and compare notes off line if interested.

Best regards to all especially the winners at GP.

Russ Ryle

Posted Mar 24, 19 19:26 by Leonard Piszkiewicz (lenp99)

Prexie remainders

Reinforcing Ken's point, I once had an 11c Prexie solo on an airmail postcard from Massachusetts to Bermuda in 1963 that was absolutely non-philatelic mail. Some of the very odd values hung around for years and years.

Posted Mar 24, 19 18:18 by Ken Lawrence (kenlawrence)

$2 Prexies

I moved to Mississippi in 1971. My editor was in Louisville, Kentucky, so I mailed nearly all my drafts and film and files to her by air mail special delivery. The post offices still had $2 Prexies. I might have been the biggest user. In those days stamps were not withdrawn from post offices when they went off philatelic sale. Rustad shows the last BEP shipment as 1955.

Posted Mar 24, 19 17:48 by Leonard Piszkiewicz (lenp99)

9c and $2 Presidential

As I recall, the $2 Prexie was the first denomination to go off sale at the Philatelic Agency -- in 1954. See Rustad, The Prexies, p. 322. The stamp was little used and probably stayed in post office drawers for many years afterward.

Posted Mar 24, 19 15:39 by Ravi Vora (nusivar)

1835 FL from Calcutta to Boston Via Philadelphia Fully Rigged Ship Cancel


Thanks for your quick response both on and off line. Much appreciated.


Posted Mar 24, 19 14:58 by Ken Lawrence (kenlawrence)

9c Presidential

The stamp was in-period. The 9c Alamo stamp was issued in 1956; the 9c Prexie was being shipped to post offices into 1958. It paid up to four ounces (3c first ounce, 3c second ounce, 3c third ounce). The Prexie Era is generally defined as 1938 to 1961 (when the 11c Liberty was issued), although the $2 Prexie remained in contemporaneous use into the 1970s with no replacement until the $2 Americana.

Posted Mar 24, 19 14:10 by John Barwis (jbarwis)

Philadelphia Full-rigged ship postmark


This handstamp is documented as having been used from 29 May 1834 to 27 December 1835.

Posted Mar 24, 19 13:42 by Mike Girard (reywest1)

Interesting Prixie Cover.

Hi to all, I’d thought I’d share a cover with the board that I picked up in an auction lot of mixed material a long time ago. It is a No. 10 size envelope that was sent from Durham, N.H. to the Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center in Greenfield, N.H. franked with a single #814 which is a rather late usage. Most likely this cover weighed more than 2oz but less than 3oz to warrant a 9c postal fee. This cover could have just as easily gotten franked by three 3c stamps issued up to 1955.

Another interesting thing about this cover is that it was heavily damaged when it got to the Durham, N.H. post office and was repaired with a large number of OX28 Postal Seals.

The auxiliary markings on the cover are three strikes in purple of the “DAMAGED IN HANDLING / IN THE POSTAL SERVICE” straight line auxiliary marking. According to the Auxiliary Marking Club website this marking with an earliest known use of March 26, 1964 from New York, NY on mail that was damaged in a Philadelphia PA train wreck on 3/27 with accompanying newspaper article. I sent an email to one of the club members in hopes of getting an opinion on the piece and this is what I got back “Yes, these were in use well before the EKU date posted, but that is the earliest known to members and may indeed be updated again on the web site.”.

I hope everyone enjoys this cover and any further comments would be, as always, greatly appreciated.

Regards, Mike Girard.


Posted Mar 24, 19 12:15 by Roger Rhoads (roger rhoads)

Garfield-Perry Covers

Ravi, our club has issued souvenir covers for MANY years. See our website for the latest on the 50th anniversary of the "Burning river" fire.

Posted Mar 24, 19 0:38 by Matthew Liebson (liebson)

Ravi - there is a Garfield Perry cover for the 1928 C10a lindbergh booklet pane (and the 2 cent Washington at Valley Forge) which both had first days at a philatelic expo in Cleveland.  I am not aware of others offhand. 

Posted Mar 23, 19 23:26 by Ravi Vora (nusivar)

1835 FL from Calcutta to Boston Via Philadelphia Fully Rigged Ship Cancel

Here is front of the letter head. There are no markings on back of the FL.


Posted Mar 23, 19 23:25 by Ravi Vora (nusivar)

1835 FL from Calcutta to Boston Via Philadelphia Fully Rigged Ship Cancel

I am sharing this rather fragile FL dated 10 June 1835 Calcutta to Boston which was received both PHIL 21 NOV and fully rigged ship cancel in transit. I would like to know background on Fully Rigged cancel and how many examples are known from Calcutta to India. I will share the letter head scan in second posting. Thanks for any information that can be shared. Ravi


Posted Mar 23, 19 23:19 by Ravi Vora (nusivar)


Here is a wonderful memory lane cover commemorating Great Lakes Exposition with Northwest Territory Commemorative stamp (FD?) sponsored by Garfield Perry Stamp Club! I wonder when the club started sponsoring commemorative philatelic covers back then?

PS: Interestingly I acquired this cover from a local stamp club meeting in Pretoria South Africa when I visited there in October 2018!


Posted Mar 23, 19 15:16 by Richard Frajola (frajola)

Olenkiewicz Sale & Nepal Catalog / Auction

Update on the Olenkiewicz sale - I have decided the split the pre 1800 lot of Norwich into two sections. One is the the material deemed more suited to a postal museum (letters to and from the first postmaster, Dudley Woodbridge, documents, ledgers, etc) and a second group that is more suited to an exhibit or postmark collector. Link to the sale is here.

I have received a few extra copies of the HR Harmer's auction catalog for my Nepal stamp and cover collection. The catalog includes a printed version of the Nepal stamp and cover catalog (Frajola & Vignola) that I have on my website (here) as well as the collection sale lots. The lots will be available for viwing at Westpex.

If anyone would like a catalog, as long as limited supply lasts, I will send along. May also be ordered direct from Harmer (website here). Also, sale lots / bidding available on Stamp Auction Network.


Posted Mar 22, 19 19:31 by Mohamed Nasr (mohamed_nasr)

26 with no frame line at right


There seem to be a few traces of a faded line on the right side. Could be a result of dry ink impression, I assume.

Posted Mar 22, 19 19:20 by Terry Kurzinski (terryk)

26 with no frame line at right

Is this a no frame line on the right or a very worn plate?
The scan is of a 200% copy so it may not be the  best.
Can any one help??
Thanks, Terry


Posted Mar 22, 19 14:17 by Ray Porter (rporter314)

examiner markings

Thanks Matthew.

I will send for copies of citations.

Posted Mar 22, 19 13:31 by Ray Porter (rporter314)

examiner markings

Thanks Matthew.

I will send for copies of citations.

Posted Mar 22, 19 2:57 by Matthew Liebson (liebson)

examiner markings

There's a page on examiner markings at that should give you some ideas about what you're looking at

I was the first responder judge on the exhibit at the March Party. 

Posted Mar 21, 19 19:41 by Ray Porter (rporter314)

Garfield Perry

Are there any pdf's of any of the exhibits? I am specifically interested in

Study of the Small Circular Design Examiner Markings, Type EM-4 and Type EM-5 used at the General Post Office in New York City, 1883 – 1902
Wayne Schuetz

I do not know what these markings are.

Posted Mar 20, 19 22:44 by Roger Rhoads (roger rhoads)

March Party Palmares

Listed on Congrats to all.

Posted Mar 20, 19 14:52 by Richard Frajola (frajola)

John Olenkiewicz Collection

Not everything in the sale is Connecticut ...

#0908 @ $450 is:

[1842, RMSP Steamer Tweed Maiden Trip Carrying Mail]
18 June 1842 folded Vasquez correspondence letter from Santa Martha, Colombia to London, orange "Santa Martha JU 18 1842" split ring backstamp and London 27 JY 1842 arrival, carried on first trip as a packet steamer as the outbound trip carried no letters, fine


Posted Mar 19, 19 8:59 by Stephen T. Taylor (UK) (stevetayloruk)

Garfield Perry Cleveland

Just back from Cleveland and wanted to thank Matt and all the other volunteers who ensure this continues to be one of the best postal history shows Stateside. The new show location, near CLE airport in Strongsville, is the best in the 16 years I've done that show and I heard similar comments from dealers and collectors - and not one complaint. Looking forward to seeing the Classics Society meet there in 2020. The show makes dealers feel appreciated - each of us received a "thank you" card signed by club members and candy bars every morning... Steve